Rohto Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence & Whitening Jelly Sheet Mask – Review

These two products have the purpose of brightening the skin, and the main ingredient in both of them is tranexamic acid. (TA) Tranexamic acid has been studied as a skincare ingredient for decades now. It has been shown that it has anti-inflammatory functions, it mitigates skin damage caused by UV rays, it helps with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, including discolouration induced by laser treatments. However, for TA to work it has to be in large amounts, so the higher the concentration, the better. And with these products, like with many others on the market, we do not know the amount of TA. 

The Jelly Essence, along with TA, contains ascorbyl glucoside (a vitamin C derivative) as a brightening agent. There are two types of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, as well as plant extracts and essential oils. Some of the essential oils may be irritating, but it depends on the skin. The formula includes a bit of menthol, which is not disturbing at all. There’s a tiny bit of alcohol, the second ingredient from the bottom; I guess it’s for preserving the product, and it gives no drying effect whatsoever. Last but not least, the product is fragrance-free.

I like the Essence; I use it all over my body. It’s very hydrating, it’s like Hada Labo lotion, but in a gel form, if that makes sense. Because of the menthol, upon application, you get a cooling sensation, a subtle one but very refreshing. As for the brightening effect, it isn’t easy for me to say that this product is helpful in this area, especially if used on its own. In my experience, I saw some changes, after I’d incorporated the Sheet Mask and a product with ascorbic acid. Arbutin is also a great ingredient to use with TA. Arbutin alone is known to fight discolouration, and it has been shown that arbutin can boost TA’s anti-hyperpigmentation properties. For me, the visible result began after including other ingredients like ascorbic acid, but it doesn’t mean that this product is utterly useless. I think with other active ingredients, you can achieve to enhance your complexion and improve hyperpigmentation. Even if it’s not the best product for hyperpigmentation, it’s a fantastic all-in-one hyaluronic acid gel. I will repurchase this Essence for the summer, and this product would definitely make it to my list of HAs. 

The liquid, in which the Sheet Mask is soaked, has the same active ingredient, TA, including vitamins C & E as well as hyaluronic acid. Instead of plant extract, this formula includes glycerine and sorbitol, two fantastic humectants. As above, no fragrance. 

The Sheet Mask is an excellent supplementary treatment to the Jelly Essence. I think it is pretty hydrating and soothing. After one application, your skin is bouncier, calmer, and more even-looking. In my opinion, the Sheet Mask contains a higher concentration of active ingredients, which give more rapid results. The first time, I applied the Mask a few days after starting to use the Jelly Essence, to see if the Sheet Mask works better than the Essence, and I think it does. Again, I’d advise to include other skin-brightening active ingredients like ascorbic acid and arbutin, however, the Sheet Mask and the Jelly Essence are a great way to moderately even out the look of your skin. They won’t give drastic results, but your skin will appear brighter, at least it happened in my case, but as I have explained before, I use other actives as well. Just like the Essence, I will repurchase the Sheet Mask because it’s quite hydrating and it brightens the skin. 

Overall, these are great hydrating products with some potential for skin-brightening effects. I would say all skin types can use them, but be wary the Jelly Essence includes essential oils which may be irritating. The products boost moisture in the skin, and they make the skin smoother and more even-looking. If you combine these two products with other actives, I am sure you can get some pretty good results. 


The Jelly Essence – COSDNA 

The Sheet Mask – Skincarisma 

Rohto’s Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence retails for €23 from, and the Whitening Jelly Sheet Mask costs €12 (a box of three) from 

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