Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Moisturizing Sun SPF 50+ – Review

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this brand, so here’s another review of Dr. Jart +’s product.

This sunscreen contains a mix of chemical filters which provides us with good anti-UV protection of SPF 50+ and PA++++ (4). The sunscreen contains a lot of skin-benefiting ingredients like adenosine, ceramide NP, and niacinamide, to name a few. Even though the sunscreen doesn’t contain alcohol, it includes a copious amount of essential oils, nine to be precise. The mix of essential oils renders this product unsuitable for people with sensitive skin, and it poses a risk of causing irritation to anyone using it.

I must say that I like the texture of this sunscreen, it gives me Altruist and Nivea Sun vibes. It has a gel-cream consistency, and it isn’t too heavy on the skin. If you apply about a quarter of a teaspoon it is invisible on the face, if you use half a teaspoon, then it leaves a glossy finish, which may be too much for some people. Over the course of the day, it gets worse, but nothing a blotting paper can’t fix. It works well with BB creams, and it gives a sort of glass skin look when you apply one over it. So far it sounds pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t that enjoyable to wear it for an extended period. This sunscreen is what I like to call a traveller type. It will creep into your eyes and mouth, and it will continue doing so until you remove it. Don’t get me wrong, I like my sunscreens, but I don’t want them in my mouth or eyes. And it’s not like other sunscreens don’t get in my eyes, many do, but not all of them make my eyes water. The first two days when I was testing this sunscreen, I was weeping because the moment it entered my eyes, they were full of tears. After two days of crying, I stopped applying it near my eyes. And even though many sunscreens dribble into my eyes, not too many make my eyes water immediately. I blame the mix of essential oils for this reaction, almost allergic-like, but it could be any other ingredient too. I also suspect that it isn’t water-resistant, given how prone to transfer this sunscreen is. I can’t find information about it, but my experience makes me think that I am right. Lastly, it breaks me out, for which I don’t blame Dr. Jart+, they designed a product for dry skin, and it’s very moisturising. I could’ve read the product description better before buying.

Overall, it’s a very moisturising sunscreen with satisfactory anti-UV protection. It is cosmetically elegant in small quantities. However, there are three main issues with this product: it transfers, contains too many essential oils, and isn’t water-resistant at all.

Ingredients: m.kmall24.com


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