About me

Hi everyone,

Just call me Dom like my friends do. Even though everyone calls me Dom, ‘dom’ also means ‘a house’ in Polish. This is what I would like my blog to be, a house of all things related to the skin. My journey with beauty started a long time ago. I know the hardships of acne as I’ve struggled with it twice. As my skin is reactive, and it doesn’t always tolerate everything too well, it makes it difficult to find products that would be please my skin all the time. Like for many, also for me, acne was the reason why I became interested in skincare. On my way to achieve good skin, I have gained a lot of experience, and I have tested a ton of products. Now I would like to share my experience. If you are struggling with your skin, or not, and you are looking for product recommendations, be my guest!

All of my reviews are NOT sponsored, and the products reviewed were purchased by me. I do not hide affiliate links.