I have made the decision to include affiliate links to my posts. I spend a lot of time on the blog, and I write about different products, so I would like to see something in return. 

Links that are affiliated will be clearly marked with the phrase ‘aff’ in small letters between brackets: [aff], and they will usually be at the end of my reviews. Affiliate links do not change your shopping experience – the price does not change, and you do not pay anything extra. The online shop covers the cost. If you like reading my blog and feel like I deserve some compensation for what I do, I would be grateful if you click on my affiliate links. If you want to support me, the critical step is to click on my link before shopping and not on anyone else’s links because the other referral links will override mine.

However, if at any time you change your mind, you can stop the process. All you have to do is clean your browser’s cookies. All affiliate programmes from all websites, not only mine, store data as cookies in your browser for a limited amount of time, usually 30 days, sometimes less, sometimes more. Before you wipe out your browser’s cookies, ensure that you have saved all of your login details such as usernames, emails, and passwords as you will be logged out. You can also remove cookies for a specific website. 

I will be gradually implementing the affiliate links in my posts. Several of the existing links will remain unaffected. I will also remove all links to DOKODEMO as I can’t entirely agree with their decision to use only the EMS as the only shipping method, the EMS isn’t much faster than standard post, but it costs much more. 

I also have a couple of discount codes for websites if you want to save more while shopping. 

Yesstyle.com [aff] – 5% for new customers and 2% for returning customers: DOMOFSKIN1

iHerb.com – 5%: DOM1241

Thank you!